Schools send kids homework online

 Telangana | Written by : Suryaa Desk Updated: Thu, Oct 17, 2019, 06:22 PM

Hyderabad: With schoolchildren getting an additional week of holidays due to the RTC strike, school managements are taking the smart road to ensure that they are kept occupied.

Schools are reaching out to their students via email and apps and handing over assignments and homework.

For the primary section, from Classes III to V, there is an assignment sent for every day. The students are to submit the assignment, based on which marks will be allotted when the schools re-open.

Ms P. Sunita, co-ordinator, said, "For the primary classes like standards I and II, we have sent reading assignments. Since all parents are connected on social media groups, the school is sending it across to them.

The home work reminders are sent to parents every day and this time we have scaled it to a higher level of week-long assignments."

For Classes VI to VIII, the schools have sent projects to the parents and asked them to assist the child in completing them.

The subjects covered for these classes are mostly on social science and science subjects.

Reading assignments, book reviews, soft skill development in terms of preparing for speeches, debates and other interaction schedules have also been provided  so that the students can return to school prepared.

Schools which have apps have asked students from classes IX to XII to solve question papers. These papers have to be submitted on October 21. Parents are happy as children are occupied with assignments.

The principals of CBSE schools, who had a meeting after the forced holidays were declared, decided to complete non-productive work during the week. For this reason, the weekend has been booked for parent-teacher meetings and assessments for students who require additional help.